Your parents aren’t listening…here's why:

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Your parents aren’t listening…here's why:

Postby Jayden on Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:26 pm


My name is Jayden & I have something incredible to share for teachers, something cutting edge & brand new.

If you have kids, then you’ll know how hectic a parent’s life can be. A lack of time can have harsh consequences for parents & teachers, ultimately affecting the parent-school communication relationship.

Being a teacher, I’m sure your administration members get comments along these lines from parents:

• “I didn’t know that event was coming up!”

• “Oh, the school changed their policy on that. I didn’t know!”

• “How do I sign up for my kids school trip? There’s no information available!”

The most common response is

“We sent you an email about it.”


“It was in last week’s newsletter.”

The truth’s not your fault.

Parents schedules & email inboxes are packed to the brim, with dozens of obligations & organisations desperate for their time & attention. Your school emails & newsletters can easily get lost in this digital nightmare.

That’s not the only barrier:

There are many parents with visual disabilities. At least 1 in ten people have dyslexia & some statistics suggest even 1 in 5. 350,000 people are registered as blind or partially sighted in the UK.

Parents with these disabilities struggle to read your communications or are simply not able to…

VoiceXpert has created a revolutionary communications advantage by providing the missing link between schools & parents. We’ve bridged the gap.

Maybe you’ve got one in your home, but if not, it’s called Amazon Alexa, & when you ask it questions, it gives you answers. Millions of people are already using smart speakers to get information & advice on a day to day basis.

VoiceXpert for Smart Schools uses Alexa’s platform to distribute important information & updates for schools, plus much more.

UK Households with smart speakers will climb to over 40% by Q4 2020 - Growth numbers for voice platforms like Amazon Alexa are more impressive than the early growth numbers for mobile.

Smart speakers like Alexa, are the perfect friction-less communication medium to distribute your school's information to parents seamlessly for easy consumption.

It’s easy & fast for your staff to update content. It’s as simple as updating a cloud-based spreadsheet, that’s all it takes. Your content is automatically sent to Alexa and instantly available for parents upon interaction with your skill. No difficult training and low human error.

Just imagine:

• Hectic parents with limited time now have a fast & convenient medium to consume all your school’s content.

• Smart speakers are primarily audio based, this dramatically aids parents whom are dyslexic or blind. They now have a solution to listen to all your communications
with ease.

When schools communicate effectively with parents, everyone benefits. The school gains the trust of parents, parents achieve peace of mind, & children reap the rewards of everyone pulling in the same direction.

Finally, your school has a solution to communicate effectively with your parents...

Find out more:

Reach out:

Kind Regards,

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Your parents aren’t listening…here's why:



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