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New online resource - Children's Encyclopedia UK website

Postby q-files on Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:34 am

We are writing to tell you about the launch of a new online children's encyclopedia.

Called Q-files, it is a free, fully comprehensive, advert-free, online resource aimed at children broadly between the ages of 8 and 13, although those both younger and older will find a great deal in it for them, too.

Q-files provides in-depth information for classroom and personal use. It is brimming with photos, illustrations, diagrams and videos—as well as, of course, many thousands of facts. Q-files covers a very wide range of subjects in Science, Nature, History, Geography, Technology and the Arts. New pages are being added all the time.

Please visit Q-files and let us know what you think. You can also get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or the site's Contact Us page.

Q-files is the world's first free online encyclopedia custom-designed for children. There is no subscription, nor even a log-in facility. You simply visit the site to gain access to everything it has to offer.

Q-files is the creation of Orpheus Books Limited, a publishing company based in Oxfordshire with more than 20 years' experience in producing non-fiction and reference sets for children.

The pages in Q-files have been written by specialist writers, working alongside the experienced editorial team at Orpheus. Every page has been submitted to the detailed scrutiny of our team of consultants. Users can therefore be assured of the very highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Dave Harris, Managing Director of the educational organisation Independent Thinking Ltd. and a former headteacher himself, told Orpheus: "I am very impressed by the versatility and functionality of your website. I see this as a superb resource for a school and can see its adaptability across the full age range."

We hope you agree.

Best regards,

The Q-files team

Orpheus Books Ltd.
6 Church Green
Oxfordshire OX28 4AW
Tel: 01993 774949
What's it all about? See:

COMPANY INFORMATION: We are Q-files Limited ("We"). We operate the website at (our “site”). Our main trading address is 6 Church Green, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4AW. Our VAT number is GB 996 2073 83. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message is intended solely for the addressee and may contain confidential information. If you have received this message in error please inform us of the error and then immediately and permanently delete it. Do not use, copy or disclose the information contained in this message or in any attachment. PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF USE: For information about how we process data and monitor communications please see our Privacy Policy and for the terms of use for our site please see our Terms of Use.
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New online resource - Children's Encyclopedia UK website



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