FULLY FUNDED Erasmus+ Training Courses for Education Staff

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FULLY FUNDED Erasmus+ Training Courses for Education Staff

Postby ifom.coop on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:54 pm

Good morning,

General education schools, vocational education and training centers and adult education organizations are all eligible to apply for full funding to enable their staff to attend training courses in Europe. Teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff members can receive a grant covering all the costs including travel, board and lodging and course fee.

To receive the funding the home institution shall submit an Erasmus+ grant application by the annual key action 1 deadline. The 2017 deadline is approaching soon since it’s the 2nd of February 2017. Grab the opportunity to get full funding to attend a course in Europe with no costs and mind that there is only one deadline per year, if you will miss it you will need to wait until 2018.

If you’re interested in this opportunity we recommend you to check out the website http://www.erasmustrainingcourses.com where you can find more information about Erasmus+ as well as courses that are tailored for education staff and eligible for Erasmus+ funding. You can as well browse through the 2017-18 Institute for Training, Employability and Learning Mobility course catalogue at http://www.erasmustrainingcourses.com/u ... 018_en.pdf, here you can find a wide selection of innovative and practice-drive courses about ICT and new technologies, soft skills, languages, languages, new pedagogical approaches and much more.

If you are interested and you need support you can contact the Institute for Training, Employability and Learning Mobility at office@ifom.info.

Giulia Zambon
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Just Registered
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FULLY FUNDED Erasmus+ Training Courses for Education Staff



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