DofE Tent and Kit Hire at 86% Less than RRP

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DofE Tent and Kit Hire at 86% Less than RRP

Postby MuddyBootsTentHire on Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:45 pm

Hi Guys

I would like to introduce you to our DofE Kit Hire Service. We are a family run business but also very active and experienced walkers and hikers with a true love of the outdoors.

Giving students the option to hire Quality DofE Recommended Tents and kit reduces costs and provides fully waterproof, breathable and lightweight trekking gear to students who may be venturing onto the hills for the first time.

The following works out at less than £55 per participant - Vango Rucksack (in standard and short sizes) Vango Trekking Tent, Fully Waterproof and Breathable Waterproofs, Vango Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Vango Sleeping Bag (with cotton liner) Cooking Utensils, Trangia Stove Set (Ultra Light), Head Torch, Compass and Lifesystems First Aid Kit

Typically a school will order varying amounts of each item as we appreciate students may have some if not all the kit - We are very flexible

We cover all the major components of the DofE Recommended Kit List and have extensive supplies of all personal items and a large range of Vango 2 & 3 Berth Trekking Tents - all DofE Approved.

All the kit is new / nearly new and all clothing and sleeping bags are never more than one season old. We provide sleeping bag liners with our Vango 2 and 3 season sleeping bags and free merino wool socks with all walking boot rentals.

Everything we hire is professionally cleaned and treated (anti-bacterial and fungicidal if and as required).

Clear Fitting instructions for our Vango Rucksacks have been a big hit ensuring packs are fitted and filled correctly utilising Vango's QA (Quick Adjust System).

We also have full instructions and videos covering pitching for the full range of Vango Tents.

Our service is friendly, professional and very easy to use. We deliver in clearly marked cartons which makes it easy for schools and groups to distribute to each participant.

We take away all the hassle ensuring that all participants can have the DofE recommended gear without breaking the bank or resorting to sub standard kit.

We are based in Cheshire but operate throughout the UK.

Please feel free to call at any time 07806 896407if you require any further information.You can also get a better feel for what we do here ... ge-d-of-e/
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Just Registered
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DofE Tent and Kit Hire at 86% Less than RRP



Re: DofE Tent and Kit Hire at 86% Less than RRP

Postby MuddyBootsTentHire on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:25 am

Hi Guys

Please take a look at our video - You can see the huge savings you and your students can make by hiring DofE recommended kit rather than buying.

We take the hassle away from teachers to ensure that your students have high quality warm waterproof and breathable kit on their expedition.

And we really don't mind the kit getting wet and muddy - we expect it!!

Call us on 07806 896407 and we'll be happy to help and advise.

Mike Smith
Muddy Boots Tent and Kit Hire
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Just Registered
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