10 applications for students with learning difficulties

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10 applications for students with learning difficulties

Postby Olivia123 on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:39 am

Power the learning of children through the cell phone or tablet, with some of these applications
Although children's education may have a bad reputation, some applications can be very useful and beneficial in developing certain skills such as reading or mathematical reasoning. If one of your students or family has learning difficulties or simply want to strengthen their educational process , try one of these applications:
1. Voice Dream Reader
If your main difficulty lies in the reading, this tool offers the possibility of loading texts, so that they are read aloud . The app has several voices and functions. In addition, it is not necessary to read the text in its entirety, but it allows the child to highlight a passage or word with which he needs help, as well as can slow down reading.

2. Dexteria Dots
Another application for one of the great difficulties of children: mathematics. This tool allows you to learn mathematical concepts by combining different points, each of different size according to their numerical value. The app is available for iOS with a price of three dollars.

3. Touch Nature
This app is great for children who have difficulty organizing and managing their times . Users can build their own natural environment with forests, lakes, mountains and other elements. Then they see how the characteristics of their creation mold the ecosystem and the living beings that begin to populate the place. Download it for iOS or Android .

4. Modmath
Are maths your greatest difficulty? This application, free and specially designed for Ipad, provides a virtual squared paper so that students can perform mathematical operations without using a pencil . It can be used by students of all ages .

5. Alphabetics
Ideal for children, this tool aims to offer multi-sensory games designed to facilitate learning the alphabet . It's available for iOS and Android .

6. Stop, Breathe, Think
If one of your students is very prone to stress or nervousness, this application is a useful tool to facilitate a conscious pause , in which the individual can get in touch with himself, relax and get in touch with his feelings and thoughts. It not only offers introductory exercises to the meditation, but also offers activities adapted to the mood of the user. Download it for iOS or Android .

7. First Then Visual Schedule
It is an ideal tool for the most dispersed children . Through FTVS, parents can create a schedule for their children with a combination of images, sounds, text and even video. Children can record and rate their progress. Get this app for iOS .

8. Dyslexia Toolbox
Especially for dyslexic children , this tool predicts words to assist users in the task of sending messages, emails or posting on social networks. In addition, it allows the user to load texts that the application reads aloud. Dyslexia Toolbox is available for iOS .

9. Tembo, the little elephant
This friendly character helps children older than three years to learn to read , whatever their difficulties or learning needs. Find out more here .

10 . Alex learns to order
It is a perfect tool for those children with difficulty concentrating or maintaining attention. Your users should sort and classify objects into their corresponding categories. At the same time, they will be working their fine motor skills. Download the app for iOS or Android .
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10 applications for students with learning difficulties



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