Brighton Uni PGCE- Poor support, organisation and teaching!

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Brighton Uni PGCE- Poor support, organisation and teaching!

Postby daves123 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:26 pm


Just to warn all NEW PGCE STUDENTS going to BRIGHTON UNI.!!!!!

The support is terrible there and they are highly unorganised. I was part of the Hastings group last year and was unsucessful becasue of a lack of support from university staff and my final placement school. I have complained numerous times and felt i was treated unfairly and set unrealistic targets with very little time. For example, I was doing fine on the course untill i was told with 3 weeks left of it that i had to meet about 5 different targets otherwise I would fail. Even after this, I tried but the school showed very little help and the university were unwilling to give me another chance. it is a disgrace and a joke! to have come so far and it feels like they didnt want me to be a teacher despite being told by people of my excellent potential. I had also passed all other areas of the course!

the stress this caused was very upsetting. The criticism of me by a universty member of staff was destructive not constructive. Even after this, the school mentor did very little to help me.

just a warning. Ths course is highly demanding and if you struggle with it, there is very little support on offer from the university. Just pray that you get lucky in a nice supportive school!

I do not recommend doing a pgce at Brighton uni. it is a poor university and my reputation of it is rock bottom.

one final point: i am not the only one to think the support is poor here. around half of the group I was in did not complete the course and one even got signed of due to stress
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Brighton Uni PGCE- Poor support, organisation and teaching!



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