Very confused

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Very confused

Postby Dreamer on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:42 pm

I want to be a teacher.

I believe I would be a very good teacher.

Other people say they could see me being a teacher.

BUT...I am constantly put off.

When I was younger (and at school) the most common definition of a 'Teacher' was: someone who failed to achieve their real ambition and decided to become a teacher as a back up plan. I don't want to be seen as someone who has done this, but the truth is, there are a lot of things that I dreamt I would 'be' but didn't become. The things I wanted to do with my life require you to have unlimited funds (mostly from the bank of mum and dad, if you're lucky) to help get you there, otherwise you're stuffed and you can dream on. I was stuffed. It would have been nice if someone had warned me back then, but, you know, I'm getting over that now, trying to put my skills to good use and go into a career that I know I will be good at and enjoy. It's still a niggle though.

Many teachers I know have advised me NOT to go into teaching as they say 'it's not what it used to be' AND 'if I could start again I wouldn't be a teacher'. What does this all mean??? What's happened to put them off? Is it because there isn't enough freedom in the profession anymore? I understand that many people really dislike change, and I'm sure that a career in teaching is ever evolving, but I really don't want to get to their age and look back & regret everything!

Is a teaching career really so rigid? I would really like to be allowed to use my own common sense and creativity once in a while, but from what I've heard, it doesn't seem like it's permitted anymore. If I go into teaching I would really like to be an individual AND be a great teacher. But how can I do that if, from the stories I've heard, there's no flexibility in the job? I would really like to get into teaching but this is the biggest thing that is putting me off, so I was wondering if anyone could advise me here.

Lastly, and perhaps it's partly my immaturity to blame here, but (and does anyone else have this worry....?)...I am a teeny weeny bit worried that I might be jealous of some of the young people that I teach. I know it sounds a bit daft, but they have their whole lives ahead of them, with so much opportunity to do the things that I sometimes wish I'd had the opportunity to do, and I'm so scared that I might feel some envy towards them and deep regret about my own life as a result. How do you deal with this? I know that I REALLY would love the opportunity to help young people to achieve success in their lives, but I'm also worried that I will also feel like rubbish about my own life. Does this fear disappear once you start teaching? I want to be good at whatever I do in my life, but I won't be that good if I feel like this at work. (I just read over this last bit and realised how daft and unrealistic it sounds, but left it in anyway to see what others have to say and perhaps it really is a genuine fear that new teachers have, I don't know...I'll shut it now and wait for the advice : )

Any advice would be great. It's make or break time now. I just HAVE to get myself sorted into a career that suits my personality (and I know this would in many ways), but if it isn't wholly for me then I need to do something else, and now is the time to get it right. My problem is that I would be good at anything I put my mind to, but I really just want to put my mind to just one thing now and BE really good at it.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your replies.

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Very confused



Re: Very confused

Postby Preciouspearl99 on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:29 pm


So you want to be a teacher.. Well... I am doing my PGCE now, and this is what it kinda looks like: (Depending on the subject being taught)
- this year would be the ONLY time to be creative - this means that lesson planning is harder than normal!
- people advise others not to do it because it is SO difficult - specially PGCE year, you have to be very very organised.. AND you have to make sure you are always on top of what you are doing! (this wont leave, but you start getting used to it)
- Also, this career is a HIGHLY monitored career. So ofcourse while you are on your PGCE year you are ALWAYS monitored. But even the experienced teachers are watched at least once a year, or more.
- Teaching is something that is from the curriculum, so you have a list to go through, like a checklist while teaching. And if your students do not meet these standards, then you are to be blamed!! - Which is the reason why most teachers do not have time to be creative.
- About the jealous thing - Well... You would probably be jealous, but you later would see that the REALLY smart kids are sometimes ones that actually end up no where in life... Which is sad :'( Teaching is an ACT! So just dont show your jealousy. And things should be fine. You sound like you want to help, and thats all that would matter...

So... Teaching is an ACT! So, if you want a career that tests your emotions, and your efforts... This is the career for you! But there are good things:
- The smile when the students finally learnt something ( This might take a while)
- The feeling of holidays :p (But during PGCE - no such thing as holidays)
- And the atmosphere.. There are really nice teachers around

Major bad thing:
- Feeling bad when lessons go wrong -> even when planning a LOVELY lesson
- Not having enough time to even watch ONE movie!
- Just when things go genuinely wrong

Hope this helps... :D
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