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PGCE help

Postby Preciouspearl99 on Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:53 pm


I am doing my PGCE at the moment. I had a Catholic disciplined first placement. I was in the 3rd week, I started doing starters and plenaries. That Monday on the 4th week, the school told me to leave, I had to give everything, I felt so annoyed and upset, they didn't tell my why I had to leave and my mentor sort of blamed it on me. My tutor, then had to explain to me that it was actually staffing issues, and was not my fault, they could not take me as there was not enough staff.

Somehow, my tutor found another place for me to go to by the end of the week, this school was completely different, and I learnt that the ethos of the school was different and I followed staff around for about a week (Now being 5th week), soon they told me that I would have to leave AGAIN! As they realised that I was too behind :? which I thought was quite obvious anyway.

Then my tutor gave me another placement for the end of the 6th week... This totals to 3 of the first placements... :o

Now I am in this school, and I am so worried that it wont last long, and I know I wont be able to get an extension either, even if this school is now my permanent first placement school, I'm not sure how things should be. All my classmates now have around 9-10 hours of lessons, and I just did one starter in this new school. It has only been a week. And apparently I have to do around 6-7 hours of lessons before Christmas. I have no experience of anything, since I did not actually teach in the other schools...

I am soo worried that I would fail, since I am behind and I have to do all the things again. Learn names, learn rules, learn everything. I just don't really know what to do. I do not want to quit, as I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was small.

I would like some sort of advice, anything would do. I just feel so lost... :(
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