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Postby wa69339 on Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:38 am


I'm 25 years old and looking to retrain as a P.E teacher at secondary level. However; in my last job I made a huge mistake and it's resulted in a conviction for fraud by abuse of position.
Is it worth me going through all the training needed to qualify or will I be turned away by everybody because of my mistake?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Help & Advice

Postby panovayandarbi on Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:41 am

You should Know that the work you're doing as a physical education teacher has tremendous value in the lives of your students and their families.
Teach Good Sportsmanship: As a physical education teacher, you have a valuable opportunity to teach your students how to compliment one another, how to help one another improve, how to lose well, and how to win without making others feel small.

Teach Exercise as a Life-Long Practice: As a physical education teacher, your job is also to help each and every child discover at least one area within athletics that they enjoy and where they might possibly be able to excel.

Get the Whole Family Involved: Look for ways to assign projects that will require some parental involvement, whether that is having each family chart their exercise for one week, or place stickers on a food pyramid to show their food choices, or even creating an at-home exercise program they can enjoy together.

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