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Dyslexia and teaching

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:14 pm
by katie.weston1996

I'm planning on applying for a Social Science PGCE and I'm also in the process of being assessed for dyslexia, which I fully expect will result in a diagnosis of dyslexia.
Once I am qualified and I start applying for teaching jobs, what are the chances of being discriminated against if I declare I am dyslexic before or during an interview?
This isn't about if they would still get the job in an ideal world where no one discriminates against anyone ever, but rather in real life.
I've had mixed responses from people on student forums, some say it might make it so you're more likely to get the job because dyslexic teachers will be more empathetic towards dyslexic students (that's also what the education specialist at my Uni's careers service said as well), but then others have said don't mention it because management will just worry about the applicant not reading students' work properly etc.
I worry about declaring it and not getting a job because I've declared it, but then I also worry about making a mistake because of my dyslexia if I do get a job.

Any suggestions?