Advice please pupils taking things.

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Advice please pupils taking things.

Postby B1gF00t on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:26 am

I joined a new school in January and I really struggled with this one class. I got quite frustrated with them. They were prone to take each other's pens. So one kid would shout out loudly,
'Sir he's got my pen'
Other kid. 'No I haven't'
Etc. This would go in for a bit.

Now from next term I want to start off with a clear set of rules with some consequences if they are not followed.
In this scenario if 2 of my rules are:
'Respect each other's property'
'Don't call out in class'

Then in this case if the pen was taken then both boys have broken a rule, one for taking something and the other for calling out? So they should both get a consequence right? But if the one boy didn't take the pen or is at least saying he didn't I can't punish if I didn't physically see the pen taken and the boy shouting out may genuinely be upset for having his pen taken so should I punish him for shouting out?

The other scenario is what if both boys are in cahoots and just putting on a charade and mucking about to destroy the serenity I'm trying to set up in the class room?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Advice please pupils taking things.



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