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NQT pay

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:03 pm
by marco70
I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette by talking about pay, but I have just one small question.... :oops:

I am thinking of going into teaching after a long period in the private sector abroad. I see the starting salary for an NQT is £ 20,667 outside London.

I've no idea about taxation etc in the UK nowadays, so.....

What is the net figure after tax and national insurance contributions? What do you get to take home each month from this?



Re: NQT pay

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:36 pm
by Arnie
Tax and NI seem far too complicated for me.

I've used this little calculator to work out how much of a difference a pay rise will actually make:

According to that site £20667 works out at only £16,067.83 take home! (scary how much you lose, when you actually work it out!)

Re: NQT pay

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:22 pm
by EvieG2017
Hi all,

So I recently gained my NQT status and though this thread is old it has been somewhat useful to me.

This will be my first NQT role and whilst I feel teachers are still underpaid for the sheer amount of work they carry out I've been very interested in carrying out research based on how teaching salaries in the U.K have developed and have realised that the teaching salary in the U.K for an NQT has risen significantly. This sheds some hope on the idea of teachers salaries continuing to grow in the future.

It's interesting you stated that an NQT salary in what would have been 2009 was around £20,000 per annum outside London. Now in 2017, that to me seems ridiculously low if this were the NQT starting salary I certainly would not be working in the educational sector. Today an NQT starting salary for outside London starts at £26,662. That's a significant increase of £6,662 at least per annum and a take-home salary of £21,140 at least according to this income tax calculator I've used:

I hope that whilst we must continue to fight for an increase to teaching salaries, like me, others are able to appreciate that progress has and is being made. With the salary, I can rest assured that all the work I carried on my PGCE years, the blood, sweat and countless tears were all worth it. With a starting salary of £26,000 at least I'm able to live comfortably :)

Good luck to anyone who is about to start their NQT year like me, I know we'll all need it but the hard work is definitely worth the endless rewards, I wouldn't choose any other career!