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Thousands of depression cases 'linked to universal credit'
The number of unemployed people with psychological distress rose 6.6% between 2013 and 2018, a study suggests.

Bosses told to stop spending apprentice cash on themselves
Education secretary warns employers to stop using apprenticeship funds for MBAs for top managers.

Legal victories over 'No DSS' letting agents
Two single mothers win out-of-court settlements against letting agents refusing benefit claimants.

Uni admissions could scrap use of predicted grades
Applications to university could switch to after pupils get their A-level results, says watchdog.

Fears for future of children's homes as debts rise
Six of the 10 largest providers of children's homes and foster care are in debt, a report suggests.

Childcare costs: Parents of children under two pay 5% more
A report finds part-time nursery care costs more than 130 per week in England, Scotland and Wales.

Climate change: Schools failing us, say pupils
Educated people cause most harm to the planet so schools must change, say teenage climate campaigners.

GCSEs: Exams in Wales could be sat online in future
The new head of Wales' exam watchdog believes "significantly more" tests could be sat online.

Trinity Hall: Cambridge college head 'steps back' over handling of sex complaints
Dr Jeremy Morris is moving aside while an internal review into how allegations were handled takes place.

School leavers train as carers as EU migration falls
Promises of progression as nurses and doctors attract young people into hard-to-fill NHS jobs.

Pavement parking: 'No quick fix to selfish drivers'
A woman and her young son, who are both visually impaired, say walking to school is a nightmare.

UCL ban on staff-student relationships is 'a wake up call' - campaigners
Campaigners welcome a ban on intimate relationships between staff and their students at UCL.

Why are some schools closing over coronavirus?
The official advice is that schools should not close, so why are some shutting their doors?

The suicide prevention message from the rugby scrum
Boys told "open up" don't "man up" by top rugby players, in a suicide prevention scheme.

'How I hid my autism to fit in'
Eloise Stark describes how she created strategies to help her "fit in" with others until her diagnosis.

School league tables: Boys behind girls for three decades
Use the BBC News postcode search to see how your school has done in this year's secondary league tables.

The 200-year-old diary that's rewriting gay history
A Yorkshire farmer's journal from 1810 reveals surprisingly modern views on being gay.

'Without suicide forums, Callie might still be alive'
The Samaritans have called for suicide forums to be "buried" online in a new Panorama documentary.

Should the history of the British Empire be taught in schools?
Sixth form students want schools to teach students about the British Empire and its importance.

Remarkable journey from refugee to Rhodes scholar
Getting an education was always a matter of life or death for Summia Tora.

'We're being punished for having a disabled daughter'
Kirsty Drexler's family have taken the council to court in hopes of keeping her specialist school transport.

Mandarin dream: The UK pupils vying for a trip to Beijing
A Mandarin speaking competition aims to boost pupils' language skills.

Crossing the border to go to school in the US
Sixteen-year-old twins Ana Fernanda and Ana Luisa begin their journey from Mexico in the early hours.

How Nicaragua's deaf children invented a new sign language
How deaf children in Nicaragua invented their own sign language, allowing experts a unique insight into how communication develops.

Ysgol y Deri school making everyone feel 'really happy'
A special school in the Vale of Glamorgan helps pupils whose conditions are a barrier to learning.

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