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No time off for grieving: 'Inside I was screaming'
Bereavement leave for parents came too late for Ian Bainbridge, whose son was stillborn five years ago.

Middlesbrough children's services 'inadequate'
There are "widespread failures" and children are left at risk of harm for too long, inspectors find.

One in four children 'has too little sleep'
A lack of rest leaves youngsters unable to focus at school, a World Health Organization study says.

Super-rich elites making London 'off-limits'
Moving to London is unaffordable for those from poorer backgrounds, says social mobility report.

Warning over youth career aspiration-reality disconnect
Five times as many want to work in art, entertainment and sport as there are jobs, a study suggests.

Camilla unveils Roald Dahl-inspired windows at Birmingham hospital
The Duchess of Cornwall visits Birmingham Children's Hospital where 10 stained glass windows are installed.

Exams agency says appeal charges are not affecting students
The exams agency says there is no evidence that charges are "a disincentive" to state school pupils.

Kate launches childhood survey to help under-fives
The Duchess of Cambridge meets children in Birmingham to mark the launch of her "five big questions".

New 'transformational' code to protect children's privacy online
Future generations will be "astonished" to think we did not protect kids, the information commissioner says.

Mental health at work: 'My boss let me go over my condition'
A worker and a chief executive tell their stories about mental health in the workplace.

Should schools be allowed to ban slang words like 'peng'?
Research suggests that slang bans in schools may be more harmful than good.

Meet the NASA intern who discovered a new planet on his third day
This teenager found a new planet on the third day of his internship at the US space agency.

How GCSE revision helped spot a dad's cancer
Jonathan Jenkyn says he is dodging "the grim reaper" after suffering a cardiac arrest and cancer.

Erasmus: What could happen to scheme after Brexit?
What could Brexit mean for current and future participants in the Erasmus scheme?

Student rape reports: The battle to be believed
Women who report violent sexual assaults at university say the perpetrators are getting away with it.

Nurseries face closure over free childcare funding gap
Nurseries say they cannot afford to run their services because the government has failed to properly fund its free childcare policy.

Nine-year-old 'shocked and sad' at racist abuse
A primary school pupil felt unwelcome in his school when friends called him racist names.

Stay-at-home dads set up father-friendly playgroup
Dan Rainsford and Sam Chatterley set up a group so other stay-at-home fathers don't feel alone.

Bumbleance: The transportation service for sick kids
The ambulance service, available in the Republic of Ireland, is hoping to expand to NI.

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