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School funding: Shorter school week should be considered, say head teachers
Introducing a four-and-a-half day week in England would be a last resort, head teachers say.

Sats tests: Exam results 'manipulated for political agenda'
Head teachers express concerns that exam results can be manipulated by politicians and their agencies.

Head teachers vote to oppose grammar school expansion
The National Association of Head Teachers backed moves to reject a new wave of grammar schools.

School cutbacks put 'education system at risk'
Head teachers say government required savings risk destabilising education.

Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim
The university apologises after it was accused of discriminating against autistic people.

University fee increases pushed through
Almost all universities in England can increase fees each year up to 2020, in a last minute deal to push through legislation.

Overseas aid 'should focus on education', say MPs
At least 10% of the UK's aid budget should be spent on international education, say MPs

V&A museum plans to revive design skills
A schools project is launched to fill the gap in creating a new generation of designers.

Private schools should offer parents 'thank-yous', says ex-Eton head
Offering benefits like discounted flights could generate a school community feeling, says Tony Little.

Malaysian warden investigated for murder of schoolboy
The assistant warden at a private Islamic school allegedly beat the boy, who later died.

New president elected by National Union of Students
Shakira Martin campaigned as a "black single mother from a working-class family" who had made the most of new opportunities.

MPs question government's 'grip' on new school places
The system is 'increasingly incoherent and poor value for money', says a Commons committee.

Hungary education law: EU to take legal action amid university row
The EU is taking legal action against Hungary over a law tightening control on foreign universities.

Take time to find a job, students urged
Graduates should not get too stressed about finding work, says the outgoing Ucas boss.

Food bank delivers at record level
A network of food banks says it has delivered record levels of emergency supplies.

Action urged on school holiday hunger
MPs and peers raise concerns up to three million children are "at risk" without school meal access.

Brexit university ?brain drain? warning
Academic staff from EU countries should be urgently guaranteed a right to stay, say MPs.

Northern Ireland schools face 'savage' cuts
Teachers criticise funding cuts planned if the Stormont parties do not reach a power-sharing deal.

Schoolboy given goggles to regain sight
Charlie, now eight, started losing his sight aged four, and has only been able to see close up until now.

Boy misses out on school place
A parent says the council should have "foreseen" the lack of places when it approved housing developments.

BBC Minute on student pressures
BBC Minute speaks to students across the globe about the stresses and strains of studying at university.

Why can't this boy go to school?
As teachers' union NASUWT warns children with special needs are being failed, Oscar's family share their story.

The school that plays dance music at playtime
A school in Ireland has set up outdoor speakers to play music to children during Friday playtimes.

Delhi University could add Facebook course to English degrees
English literature students at Delhi University may soon study how to write good Facebook posts.

How to make everyone hate you on email
When email goes wrong... how it can irritate and annoy everyone in the office.

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