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Coronavirus: Students might have to stay in 'protective bubble'
When university campuses open students might have to live and study in small groups to limit mixing.

Drug gangs on 'recruitment drive' during lockdown
Children and increasingly girls are being groomed because they are unknown to police, a report says.

Coronavirus: Primary schools back but mixed picture on turn-out
It is the first day back for some primary pupils in England - but heads say attendance ranges between 40% and 70%.

Coronavirus: Navigating the first morning at school since March
Pupils return to find their desks in rows facing forward, the windows wide open and lots of hand-sanitizer.

In pictures: Back to school in England
Many children have returned to their classrooms in England for the first time since lockdown began.

Coronavirus lockdown 'perfect storm' for abused children - Sajid Javid
The ex-home secretary is leading a "no holds barred" investigation into the issue in the UK.

Coronavirus: Drop plan to reopen primaries to all pupils, ministers urged
Aiming to have all pupils back piles uncertainty and pressure on school communities, say governors.

Schools delay re-opening due to Weston hospital closure
Schools in North Somerset delay plans to re-open after a spike in virus cases at Weston hospital.

Coronavirus: School return plan 'like a jigsaw puzzle'
A head teacher explains how she is piecing school life back together before children return.

Coronavirus: Parents shamed for back-to-school choices
Parents of year six and year one pupils have been falling out over whether to send them back to school.

Coronavirus: Parents of disabled children 'cut off and ignored'
Lockdown has left many families with disabled children feeling isolated and without support.

How childminders have continued their job in lockdown
'Lots of soap' is crucial, say childminders who have stayed open for key workers' children.

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