For those PTA members out there looking for fresh fundraising ideas that don't involve parents just handing over cash in these cash strapped times.....

Our school has just run a great fundraising project called "My Art Project" where the kids create a piece of art in school and then the clever people at "My Art Project" turn them into great quality cards, canvases, posters, writing paper, etc that are available for parents to order....with 10% of the total order value going to school as a donation.

Our project was a great hit with the school (ticks lots of boxes on the National Curriculum & raised money), the parents (great products to buy all personalised with their childs picture on the reverse), the kids (loved seeing their art transformed into great products) and of course the PTA who just had to provide the supplied templates to the teachers, send out the art proofs to pareants and then bank the cheques!! Didn't cost the school a penny to run and everyone has been delighted.

For more details call 01789 459090

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