PGCE Interview Tips

PGCE Interviews are pretty daunting, and nerves can easily get the better of you if you're not well prepared. Below is a selection of useful tips from Teachers and students that have been there and gone through the interview process. Some people sail through with confidence, others mess it up first time, but try again, more determined than ever.

If you have any tips you would like to share please add them in the Comments below.

  1. Read around the education sector, to ensure you are up to speed with all current issues. Check our News Feeds for the latest educational news.
  2. Be Honest! You are not expected to know everything, though you should have done enough preparation to ensure you can answer the majority of the questions asked. If you are unsure ask them to clarify the question, if you don't know, tell them that you don't know.
  3. Look smart, but do not overdress, you may see people turning up casually dressed, but being smart will give you the confidence, and present a good impression. For PE courses check that if you will need appropriate dress for activities. (don NOT wear jeans!)
  4. Read the sample PGCE Interview Questions, for a flavour of what you may be asked.
  5. Be prepared to reveal your opinions, ideas and attitudes.
  6. Reflect on your teaching experience, and apply it to your answers.
  7. Group Tasks - ensure that you are seen to be taking an active part in any activities, do not be too agressive, but take leadership if you have the chance.
  8. Try to avoid a simple question/answer format, expand on any given questions, using your experience and knowledge of education issues (see tip 1).
  9. Take with you a bag containing, certificates, notepad, pens, evidence of experience and any material given to you prior to the interview. Take a drink (you'll need it) and a small snack, just in case.
  10. If asked about hobbies, try to link them back to education and teaching.
  11. Try to get across your passion for your subject and teaching, this is a key area that you are being tested on.


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