What are the Routes into Teaching?

Where to Start?

First off, all teacher training candidates need qualifications equivalent to a GCSE grade C in, English and Maths, for primary teaching you will also need Science as well.

If you are from outside the UK, please check with the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC), to see if your qualifications are suitable.

Do you have a Degree?

To become a qualified teacher you will need a degree. There are different routes you can take to get a degree and study to be a teacher at the same time.

Teaching Degree

You can take an undergraduate degree that will give you Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) at the end of it (after a year as a Newly Qualified Teacher NQT).

The course lasts 3 or 4 years, and should be taken by those that wish a straightforward route into teaching. You will get plenty of support and teaching practice throughout your course, and you will be qualified to teach both primary and secondary. (Check with your university for specifics of your course)

Course Length: 3 or 4 years (with 24 or 32 weeks of school-based training)
Qualifications: BEd, BA (hons) or BSc with Qualified Teacher Status

PGCE and a Degree in your chosen subject

The most common route into teaching involves completing a degree in your chosen subject then completing a year of post-graduate Initial Teacher Training (ITT) to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The PGCE route takes a year to complete and involves 18 weeks in a school (primary) or 24 weeks (secondary).

This route teaches you a variety of teaching theory, techniques, behaviour management etc. and is predominantly university based, with a reduced timetable of work for your school placements.

Course Length: 3 years (degree) + 1 year (PGCE)
Qualifications: Your degree + QTS

GTP and a Degree in your subject

The Graduate Teacher Programme is a 'train on the job' option, most commonly taken by those with a degree, and who have already worked, that need some income to support families, pay rent etc.

You can earn in excess of 14,000 whilst you train on this route.

Course Length: 3 years (degree) + 1 year (GTP)
Qualifications: Your degree + QTS

Higher Education and Registered Teacher Programme

This programme is similar to the GTP route, except you only need to have completed two years of your degree. You will complete a further two years on the teacher training programme, completing your degree at the same time.

You can earn in excess of 14,000 during your training.

Course Length: 2 years (degree) + 2 year (RTP)
Qualifications: Your degree + QTS

School Centred Initial Teacher Training

SCITT is a postgraduate initial teacher training programme centred in and run by schools. The courses lead to Qualified Teacher Status, and most also award the Post Graduate Certificate of Education.