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Free Fundraising!

Postby shelleyeduvoice on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:35 pm

We are currently working with a lot of schools that are struggling with their budgets and facing harder times next year and would like to extend the following invitations to your school, I can assure you that the help we give schools is not one of those that is advertised everywhere, that after all your hard work doesnt reap much reward. We are having a new intake of schools onto the scheme between December 1st and March 1st, so please make sure you don't miss out!

It is supported by the PTA and has achieved plaudits from schools and parents for being a hassle-free way in which to raise funds for nurseries, schools and colleges alike. It is also unique in that it does not involve parents or anyone else having to spend or give money in any way.

EduVoice is a unique, entirely FREE scheme that was developed to help schools with their fundraising.

After research we found that most fundraising schemes out there today only raise up to £200.00 an event or even per year and that they generally require a lot of time and money that teachers and parents just don't have these days!

It was from there EduVoice itself came, We work with organisations such as the Department for Education and TDA who ask us to host online surveys for them.

We found that millions are paid out to individuals per year to complete online surveys for organisations, EduVoice is designed to direct that money back into the Education system at a local level, helping schools overcome their budgetry worries.

It is fast and easy to sign up the school, from there we will send out parent packs to be handed out inviting parents to support the schools effort by taking 2 5-10 minute surveys per month. There is an incentive paid for each survey completed with at least 50% pledged to the school. A school with 200 parents, pupils and teachers can expect to earn £1,650 per year based on the parent pledging the minimum the sky really is the limit with how much you can raise! We have found that this has made a massive difference to all the schools that we work with as it can be used for whatever the school needs.

The best part is that once the school is registered and the letters sent to parents, the scheme runs itself entirely. All the school have to do it cash the cheque!

To sign up your school or to receive an information packfor your next PTA meeting, please visit or email and we will be more than happy to help!

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Free Fundraising!



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