Child Safety During Excursions

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Child Safety During Excursions

Postby BiologyStudent457 on Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:59 pm

Hello, I am a University student and I am working as part of a group to improve to child safety during school trips.

:idea: We have designed a device that will inform teachers of the location and name of a child if they were to wander away from the group.

Before we go ahead with this I thought it best to ask the parents if proving child safety precautions were in place would reduce worry? Therefore, my question to the forum is... is child safety during school trips an issue? AND would it make lives easier/ reduce anxiety if teachers were informed if a child was leaving the group?

All responses are welcome.. Many thanks! :D
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Child Safety During Excursions



Re: Child Safety During Excursions

Postby panovayandarbi on Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:28 am

Once you've decided where to go for an excursion, it is essential that a full plan be made. This will help ensure the smooth running of the excursion and the safety of everyone involved. If at all possible, staff should visit the excursion venue or location well in advance. This enables staff to identify more of the possible risks and include them in their risk minimization planning. The legal adult to child ratios must be followed during your excursion. The adult to child ratio is much higher on an excursion than when staff and children are at the center. (Parents or guardians may also be available to help during the excursion). All parents need to be fully informed of the details of the excursion and provide written consent for their child to participate.

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