Study on teachers’ well-being and stress?

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Study on teachers’ well-being and stress?

Postby Rhea1991 on Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:47 am

Are you a trained teacher and wish to take part in a study on teachers’ well-being and stress?


My name is Rhea Harris. I am a qualified teacher and an MSc student at University of Greenwich where I am currently completing an MSc Psychology (Conversion) programme within the Department of Psychology & Counselling, School of Health & Social Care. As a requirement of my MSc degree I am currently completing a research study on teachers’ stress and wellbeing. This project has received Ethical approval and Risk Assessment approval from the Departmental Research Ethics Committee.
I am looking for trained teachers to take part in my research study. The purpose of my research is to investigate how teachers’ internal or external resources predict their burnout and well-being levels. The findings will be of relevance to the current UK education system by highlighting areas of improvement or training for teachers and schools.
You can take part if you are over 18 years, have been a teacher for at least 1 year and do not have a mental health condition for which you are currently receiving treatment.

To find out more about my study you can either contact me by email or visit the study link directly: ... CAjqWKPJ4N.

Thank you,

Rhea Harris
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Study on teachers’ well-being and stress?



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