Bursaries/Scholarships followed by a specialisation change..

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Bursaries/Scholarships followed by a specialisation change..

Postby JK_Engineer on Mon Jul 29, 2019 9:09 am

Hi all,

Possibly a controversial topic for my first ever post- apologies for that.

A quick bit of background... I a mechanical engineer of 8 years experience, and I'm looking to career change into teaching. I always wanted to teach, but I wanted to get some wider world experience first.
Obviously making the jump is going to be very difficult financially. I'm looking at a severe pay cut, and I have the mortgage to pay etc, so I'm looking to make the transition as easy as possible.

Ideally, my dream teaching job would be in Design Technology, but I'd also love to teach GCSE and A-Level Engineering, including the Maths, Physics and Further Maths aspects. I believe my degree (Masters in Aeronautical and Aereospace Engineering) would cover all of the above. I've also been privately tutoring GCSE Maths for the past 3 years.

... however, it looks like the shortage of Maths and Physics teachers makes it MUCH more financially viable to train in those teaching specialisms due to the bursaries and scholarships if that route is open to me (with my degree).

My question is: what's to stop someone training as a Maths/Physics teacher (and accepting the associated bursaries/scholarships) and later changing specialism to be a Design Tech/Engineering teacher?

Is there some contractual obligation to teach that subject for a certain number of years? Or is it very hard to change specialisation?

Like I said- sorry if this is slightly controversial...!
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Bursaries/Scholarships followed by a specialisation change..



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