Science Equivalency Test at Edge Hill

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Science Equivalency Test at Edge Hill

Postby Connie05 on Mon Nov 16, 2020 12:29 pm

Hi All

I'm new here so may have a few queries for anybody able (and willing) to help :D

I have been made a couple of conditional offers to study the PGCE Primary route which I am really excited about. One of the conditions is to do my Science GSCE. I graduated with a BA in 2016 and my course did include some basic Science however apart from this, I haven't done anything on this topic really.

I was looking into doing the Science standalone Equivalency test at Edge Hill (following independent study at home) and wondering if anybody had done this previously?

My specific query is how long did it take you to study for the test and what kind of content was needed?

I ask this because I really want to do the test quickly and get it out of the way so I can focus on which university to go to. I have the revision guide but it's the size of a doorstep :?

I also want to pass the test quickly as I can then add LJMU to my choices in the hope they have any spaces left. Am I being naive to think this is possible though? Should I be looking at months rather than weeks?

Any help from anybody who has done this previously would be a huge help and very much appreciated.
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Science Equivalency Test at Edge Hill



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