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Universities keeping lectures online into autumn term
A student petition calls it "ridiculous" as some UK universities keep lectures online for next term.

Cambridge University to offer short online courses for professionals
The pandemic has changed people's attitudes to online working and learning, vice-chancellor says.

Exams to resume in N. Ireland next year
GCSE, AS and A-levels will take place in NI again but pupils taking CCEA exams will sit fewer tests.

School protests force U-turn after sick pupil banned from wearing cap
Pupils wearing caps and hoodies gather outside a school in support of Ella Goodwin on Monday.

Covid Indian variant: Pupils keep face masks in parts of North West
Pupils in parts of north-west England continue wearing face masks in school amid variant concerns.

Mary Beard's retirement present to fund students
Historian and TV presenter is paying for scholarships to widen access to classics beyond "posh" people.

Covid: 13.5bn needed to help pupils catch up, report says
The Education Policy Institute also calls for a longer school day and summer activities.

Girls' education 'smartest' post-Covid investment, says PM
The PM urges more support for girls' education in poor countries - but faces criticism over aid cuts.

Parents question fairness of Scottish exam assessments
Connect has warned schools are taking "different approaches" across the country due to the pandemic.

Self-isolation exam worries in Wales
One mother says her son has "suffered very badly" and it is affecting his mental health.

Concerns over impartiality of school abuse review
Ofsted cannot conduct an impartial review into allegations of sex abuse in schools, a teaching union says.

Queen's Speech: Boris Johnson promises post-Covid skills overhaul
Adults will be offered "lifelong" training loans under measures being announced in the Queen's Speech.

Universities could face fines over free speech breaches
Universities in England could face fines if they fail to protect free speech on campus under new legislation.

Conversion therapy ban: Campaigners dismayed over delay
Campaigners are dismayed as the government announces a consultation before the practice is banned.

Contest inspires next generation of female code breakers
More than 6,500 pupils from across the UK took part in the CyberFirst Girls competition.

Tommy Mallet: 'I don't read emails longer than five words'
The Only Way Is Essex star Tommy Mallet opens up about the challenges he has faced with literacy and dyslexia.

Election 2021: Middlesbrough family's library lifeline
Public libraries have borne the brunt of council cuts but one town is bucking the national trend.

Lockdowns hurt child speech and language skills - report
Delays to speech and language skills are a top concern for primary schools, researchers say.

Would universities call parents in a mental health crisis?
Bereaved parents call for universities to contact students' families to reduce risk of suicides.

'I can't read or write, but I can cook'
Professionals tell the BBC what it is like to struggle with reading and writing while at work.

Back to school: How pupils feel about returning to class
The BBC speaks to pupils to discover how they feel as they go back to school.

Face masks no longer required in classrooms
Face coverings will not be needed in England's secondary classrooms from 17 May, says the prime minister.

Covid: Poor pupils fall further behind in maths
The gap between poor pupils and their classmates is unlikely to narrow without intervention, researchers say.

Coronavirus testing: How to do a lateral flow test at home
Coronavirus lateral flow tests are free and provide a quick result within 30 minutes. But how do you do one?

Longer school day, shorter summer holiday?
A range of measures are being looked at to help pupils in England catch up, the education secretary says.

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