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Daily testing can keep pupils in school, study suggests
A study in 200 English secondary schools and colleges found very few infections in close contacts of cases.

'Ghost school' with no students for a second year
English language schools warn they are on the "brink of collapse" after two summers without students.

Students offered cash to defer medical degree
Applicants offered free accommodation and 10,000 cash by Exeter University to defer until 2022.

Seaside poor health overlooked, warns Whitty
Bad housing and deprivation are a toxic mix for health, says England's chief medical officer.

Almost a quarter of England's pupils out of school
The "pingdemic" continues to affect schools and families with nearly 25% absent as the term ends.

Covid: Home-education numbers rise by 75%
"Covid anxiety" is among the explanations for the increasing popularity of out-of-school teaching.

Covid: Hundreds of thousands of under-18s to get vaccine
The vaccines minister says children at high risk from Covid will be offered the jab.

Student watchdog concerned about mental health help
A survey finds more than half of UK students feel universities and colleges have not supported them enough.

1.5m pupils out of school in England last week
Numbers continue to rise for pupils missing school - both for Covid and non-Covid reasons.

School aid for Syrian children who know war planes but not shops
Protecting education in international war zones is supported with 15.8m in UK aid funding.

Exams 2022: Students to get advance notice of topics
A-levels and GCSEs in England next year will be adapted to take account of disruption in the pandemic.

Lockdown: 'Children behind in speech and understanding'
Not being able to talk to friends and over-use of technology are two key factors, says charity.

Huge surge in number of pupils sent home due to Covid
More than 640,000 pupils in England were not in school last week due to Covid - up from 375,000 the week before.

University of Manchester remote learning plan criticised by students
A University of Manchester plan to keep online lectures is criticised for offering no reduction in fees.

Covid bubbles to be axed in England's schools
Restrictions in England's schools are axed, as 641,000 pupils miss school due to Covid regulations.

Covid-19: New rules for schools in England to be set out
It is expected that testing of pupils will replace the need to send entire class "bubbles" home.

Covid-19: Head teacher 'nervous' about lifting restrictions
Ministers are calling for school Covid isolation rules to end by autumn.

BBC Bitesize edits page to remove list of climate change 'benefits'
The education site had listed "healthier outdoor lifestyles" as one plus of warmer temperatures.

Pressure from MPs on rise in pupils sent home
Dozens of Conservative MPs are calling for a change in how schools respond to Covid cases.

Call to scrap 'out of sync' school mask rules in Wales
Pupils wearing masks all day is "out of sync" with pub rules, the children's commissioner says.

Covid: Number of positive isolating pupils unknown in England
The government cannot say how many Covid infections in England are being prevented by sending pupils home.

Cambridge University: In-person graduation returns
Graduation ceremonies have not taken place in person since February 2020 due to Covid-19.

Zoomtown-on-Sea? The lure of a new life on the coast
Remote working meant the Lancaster family could live anywhere - they found their sea view in Scarborough.

'I thought rape isn't something that happens to men'
Support charities say male victims of sexual assault sometimes feel their experiences don't count.

Will my child get free school meals this summer?
A year on from Marcus Rashford's successful campaign, what is the current situation?

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