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GCSEs: Flintshire boy, nine, passes maths exam
Leonardo has "the type of mind Nasa employs" after passing the exam seven years early.

Covid coma pregnancy: Wolverhampton mum 'devastated' to lose son
The mum-to-be from Wolverhampton said she was so unwell she did not know her baby was stillborn.

RSV: Parents should be alert to symptoms of common winter virus
As with Covid, most children have mild symptoms but a small number need hospital treatment.

Big support for NI school starting age rule change
A consultation on allowing some children to delay starting school for a year shows heavy backing.

Schools struggle amid Covid as one in 12 teachers off
The education secretary says he's making contingency plans as schools struggle with staff absence.

Reuben McNulty: Killer dog may have thought baby was a squeaky toy
Two-week-old Reuben McNulty was attacked while his mother slept and his father was outside.

Bradford adoption: Couple say troubled council 'broke our family'
A couple receive an apology and "very significant" payout from a council over a failed adoption.

Energy bills: 'It feels like I'm sleeping outside'
People tell of their struggles to cope, with energy bills set to soar by more than 700 this year.

Covid in nurseries: Staff shortages 'mentally exhausting'
The impact of Covid is making it hard for some early years settings to operate.

Covid in schools: 'Fresh air will help stop the spread'
Classroom windows are open this winter in line with Covid advice to keep England's schools ventilated.

Covid: Face mask refusals in some of England's secondary schools spark parents' concern
They say some pupils are not complying with advice, and there are worries about vulnerable children.

What are the Covid rules in schools and will they stay open this term?
Schools have reopened across the UK with a variety of Covid restrictions in place.

Kerala school uniform: Why some Muslim groups are protesting
Muslim groups in India's Kerala state protest after a government school allows girls to wear trousers.

How Covid deepened America's teacher shortages
Classrooms across the US have been emptied of educators - and the pandemic has made it worse.

Howard University: Why these students slept out in tents on campus for weeks
After reports of mould and rodents in dorms, protesters at Howard University took over a campus building.

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